Tassel School


We are thrilled you are considering Tassel as the school of choice for your child. We admit learners at any time provided there is space.

Should you wish to enrol your child with us, download and present filled application form on your visit.

Below is our admission guide and school rules.

Parents and students are required to adhere to the following rules and regulations.

1 – There will be an oral interview with the parent before admission is granted.

2 – The person in charge of the school will determine the case he/she will admit.

3 – On admission all the documents required should be presented to give the school a clear picture of the child.

4 – Admission form should be filled with correct information required before admission.

5 – All the requirements should be presented before admission.

6 – Fees are not negotiable and must be paid in full upon admission.

7 – All fee payments are strictly payable through the schools bank accounts below.

8 – Fee once paid is not refundable.

9 – For the admission to be completed, kindly include the following requirements;

  • 2 passport sized photos
  • Registration fee
  • Copy of birth certificate and clinic card
  • Relevant transcripts from the previous school
  • Medical report from a physician
  • Completed, signed and dated admission form

1 – All students shall be required to be disciplined and respectful while in school.

2 – All children are expected to respect school property and shall be charged for any damage.

3 – Children shall be expected to report to school by 8:00 am and leave at agreed times.

4 – Children shall be expected to be neat and in full school uniform at all times.

5 – Persistent/recurrent indiscipline of a child shall attract appropriate memos to parents and in worst cases expulsion from the school.

6 – No special diet shall be provided by the school other than that indicated in the menu.

7 – Parents shall indicate and notify the school in writing in case of any changes of authorized person to pick their child/children. The school shall NOT be liable for any claims/losses arising from authorization.

8 – Parents shall not be allowed unscheduled visits to children during class hours.

9 – Parents are required to provide passport photo size and Antenatal records showing relevant inoculates/vaccine certificates.

10 – The school administration shall be at liberty to determine the appropriate punishment for indiscipline cases.

11 – All fee payments shall be made via BANK on time and as stipulated. NB. Fees once paid shall not be refundable.

12 – The school shall not be responsible for any inconveniences arising from parents who delay in picking their children and shall reserve the right to levy a waiting charge for children collected late and after school closure.

13 – Admission is only valid when accompanied by the registration fee.

14 – The school shall be at liberty to use school related activities photos for promotional materials (brochures. posters, banners etc) without compensation or any prior notice to parents.

15 – All complaints must be addressed to the school Head teacher in writing who shall also respond in writing.

Pay Bill Number: 174887
Account Number: child’s name and admission number

Pay Bill Number: 247247
Account Number: 351514#child’s name

Bank Deposit:
Account Name: Tassel School Limited
Account Number: 1250264070332

Account Name: Tassel School Limited
Account Number: 01148500825700

Bank Deposit:
Account Name: Tassel Care Centre
Bank: Equity, Branch: Buruburu
Account number: 0950294615822

Pay Bill Number: 247247
Account Number: 481905#child’s name.

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