Tassel School

Who we are

Tassel’s History

Tassel schools first opened its doors in 2004 in Kimathi led by Grace Macharia as its managing director. We started with eight learners and we are delighted to acknowledge its growth and expansion to date. We later extended our services to Ngong in 2015. We are glad to report that for all those years, we have seen exemplary growth, with our learners shining in all domains of growth and development.

We offer quality education basing our teaching on a Christian foundation and on a Montessori curriculum for our preschoolers and a Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) for our grade one all the way to Junior Secondary. In pursuit of our Motto “Education for Life”, we promote holistic growth and development by providing quality education through reliable knowledge, values, and skills. We greatly pride ourselves in our academic achievement through the provision of a solid foundation where our learners tackle more difficult academic work with ease and excel in all spheres of development.


Education for life


To promote holistic growth and development


To provide quality education and reliable skills for holistic development

Who We Are

Tassel is a private school intended to meet the basic learning needs required for survival and life at large. We focus on individualized learning through the provision of a Montessori and Competency-Based Curriculum. In Tassel we believe that education is not just about what happens inside the classroom but also what learners learn outside the classroom. We foster a love of God to our learners, intrapersonal growth, and interpersonal skills. We nurture a love for learning enhanced by a structured learning environment, socialization, opportunities for extra and core curricula activities, and sourcing for qualified teachers and other staff members.

Our Motto “Education for Life” reflects on our commitment to helping our learners succeed not only in academics but also thrive in other areas of development. We integrate learners who are differently abled into our regular classrooms through inclusive education.

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