Tassel School

Why Tassel

Tassel is concerned about the overall well-being of its learners. The academic environment and achievement are highly valued as we offer individualized teaching and learning. We offer a solid foundation where learners progressively tackle more difficult academic work. Children are always happy to attend school with wonderful, friendly staff members ready to receive them. Our teachers are highly qualified with a wealth of resources and mastery of the subject content.

Using the Montessori curriculum with our preschoolers has enhanced the smooth transition for our learners who move to primary grades. The wonderful thing about them is that they do not struggle with the subjects or new concepts. We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities which take place outside the classroom. These activities enhance team spirit and uncover talents and abilities that learners never realize they had. We also engage our learners with curriculum whereby we participate in core-curriculum activities like the Kenya Music Festival, Ball games, etc. exposing our learners to other learners and cultures.

Our facilities are superb with well-lit and sizable classrooms. They are spotlessly clean, and filled with learning materials whereby every project a learner manipulates has an aim. Our school is highly reputable having offered programs for years successfully without compromising on its standards. The school environment is safe and secure always on 24-hour surveillance. A good, quiet environment where learning takes place without many distractions and disturbances. Learners are always in good hands being attended by highly qualified members of staff.

It is a cost-effective school where every parent yearns for their child(ren) to be.

All are welcome.

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